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Bulk carrier guide frequently asked questions

This page contains many common topics related with bulk carrier operation , navigation and more cargo handling related questions and reviews from experts

  1. What is a bulk terminal and who is a terminal operator ?

  2. How to ensure suitability of a bulk terminal for a particular ship?

  3. What are the ship specific preparation prior approaching a bulk terminal ?

  4. Why it is important to arrange a damage survey by a competent person ?

  5. What are the terminal information required by ships handling bulk cargo ?

  6. What is the regulation for a bulk carrier acceptabilty of loading condition ?

  7. Why it is important to make an agreement between ship and terminal prior loading bulk cargo ?

  8. Why it is mandatory to use a loading manual or a loading computer for maintaining a bulk carrier's loading and discharging sequence ?

  9. What is the difference between block hold loading condition and part loaded conditions ?

  10. How to prepare cargo documents for loading bulk cargo?

  11. What is carriage of grain safe procedure ?

  12. What are the grain terms applicable to a bulk carrier ?

  13. What are the hazards of coal loading in a bulk carrier ?

  14. What precautions are necessary for handling iron ores in bulk ?

  15. What precautions are essential for maintaining bulk carriers structural integrity?

  16. What are ships responsibility of handling solid commodities in bulk ?

  17. What is the difference between a panamax and a cape size bulk carrier ?

  18. What are the ships confined area and what precautions are necessary prior entering such areas ?

  19. What are the health hazards for personnel working in a bulk carrier?

  20. How to categorise ship generated garbage and management onboard ?

  21. How to navigate ship in ice conditions

Operation of sea going bulk carriers involved numerous hazards . Careful planning and exercising due caution for all critical shipboard matters are important . This site is a quick reference to international shipping community with guidance and information on the loading and discharging of modern bulk carriers so as to remain within the limitations as specified by the classification society.
It is vital to reduce the likelihood of over-stressing the ship's structure and also complying with all essential safety measures for a safe passage at sea. Our detail pages contain various bulk carrier related topics that might be useful for people working on board and those who working ashore in the terminal. For any remarks please
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