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Draft Diagram and Functions of Form - Ships damage control book info

What is a draft diagram ?

The draft diagram in the Damage Control Book is a nomograph for determining the displacement from observed drafts. There are several forms of draft diagrams. In the simplest form, drafts are plotted on vertical scales at the forward and after draft marks, and displacement is plotted along a line describing the position of the center of flotation relative to the draft marks at any draft. Additional scales can be added to show other hydrostatic functions.

Displacement in saltwater is read from the intersection of the displacement scale with a straight line connecting forward and after drafts. Other parameters are shown by the intersection of the appropriate scale with a horizontal line passing through the displacement (the intersection of this line with the draft scales shows the draft at LCF). A second form is similar, except that drafts are plotted on the center of flotation scale and a table gives displacements for LCF drafts. A third form reads displacement from a vertical scale at midships and gives a correction for trim on the diagram. Draft diagrams are generally less accurate than the displacement curve, are developed for saltwater only, and are not accurate when the ship has excessive trim.

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