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Checklist to Show Suitability for Loading/Unloading Solid Bulk

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Following are the guideline to check suitability of loading/ unloading solid bulk cargo

i) Cargo holds and hatch openings are suitable for cargo operations

ii) Holds are clearly numbered on hatch covers/ coamings

iii) Hatch covers, hatch operating systems and safety devices are in good operational condition

iv) List indication lights, if fitted, have been tested prior to arrival and are operational

v) If applicable, loading instrument is certified and operational

vi) Propulsion/auxiliary machinery is in good operational order

vii) Mooring equipment is in good functional order

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Operation of ships carrying bulk cargo involved numerous hazards . This site is a quick reference for people working on board bulk carriers and those who working ashore in the terminal on how to ensure safety during loading, unloading and other operational matters. . For any remarks please Contact us