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Crane checks prior to cargo operation - recommended guideline

Check items relating to ships lifting gears

In addition to maintaining the cargo gear to the highest standards, the following items must be specifically checked on each occasion on which the vessel arrives from sea and when cargo is to be discharged or loaded.
Topping up of deck cranes or removal of the jibs from their crutches prior to arrival in port is strictly prohibited.

Crane reports

A Crane Report is to be made every time a cargo crane is in operation. These are very important and have many uses; in particular they will highlight recurring crane faults and problems which may be easily remedied. They also detail running hours, amount of cargo handled by each crane and each crane wire, and are therefore useful in forecasting a failure by comparing the actual amount of usage with the expected life of a particular component, and so prevent down-time by taking preventative action before a failure occurs.

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Operation of sea going bulk carriers involved numerous hazards . Careful planning and exercising due caution for all critical shipboard matters are important . This site is a quick reference to international shipping community with guidance and information on the loading and discharging of modern bulk carriers so as to remain within the limitations as specified by the classification society.
It is vital to reduce the likelihood of over-stressing the ship's structure and also complying with all essential safety measures for a safe passage at sea. Our detail pages contain various bulk carrier related topics that might be useful for people working on board and those who working ashore in the terminal. For any remarks please Contact us

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